History of Puthoor Family

St. Thomas , the apostle of Jesus Christ, visited Kerala in AD 52 and converted many high Hindu families into Christianity. One among such families called ‘Kythakodan’ stayed at Erumappetty , Velur, Iringalakkuda and they belonged to Roman Catholic Church. More than 250 years ago two members of that family came from Velur Thara to Pazhanji first and then to Chalissery and settled there. Chalissery was the part of Malabar District under Madras province. Of the two members who had settled in Chalissery, one was called Puthoor Kurian. He could not tolerate the atrocities committed by the local ruler Kunjaman in those days. Puthoor Kurian therefore shifted his residence from Chalissery to ‘Maramath’ near Kumaranalloor. After the deadth of Kunjamman, Puthoor kurian returned to Chalissery. Since he had come from Maramath, Puthoor family is also called Maramath Family.

Our fore further Kurian had two sons named Varied and Chakku. Both were proficient in the famous Kerala martial art called ‘Kalaripayattu’ They were members of Thozhiyoor independent Syrian Church. Chakku was a close associate of the Bishop of Thozhiyoor Independent Syrian Church, Mar Kuriakose. Chakku’s proficiency in Kalaripayat had even saved th Bishop from an attempt on his life by some people. Chakku was engaged in livestock business. At the age of 25, Chakku participated in ‘Onathallu’ (a sort of wrestling event conducted during Onam) at Vaniamkulam and obtained laurels. Chakku died at the age of 73. He had no sons.

Elder brother of Chakku, Varied was of mild nature. He had two sons named Kurien and Thavu. Puthoor Kurian and Kollannoor Mathu were two prominent local leaders of those days in Chalissery. Kurian took his wife from Thoppil Kidangath (Thombra) family in Chalissery.

Kurien had 6 sons and 2 daughters. Sons of Kurien were

1. Chakku – Though Chakku had education only up to 5th standard , he was a well known orator. In addition to taking care of family matters he worked as an Evangelist at nearby places. His speeches attracted many people. At Vaniamkulam he participated in the open air gospel meeting along with German Basal Mission workers and his speech attracted many people. He was also engaged in serving the sick. He was instrumental in establishing the present Marthoma church in Chalissery. He died at the age of 33. His wife was Achayi, daughter of Koladi Ittoop of Chovannoor. Chakku had 2 sons and 3 daughters. Sons were Varathappen (Chalissery) and P.C. Chacko (Trichur). Daughters were Elachar (Chalissery), Kunji (Kunnamkulam) and Ittiannam. Ittiannam was a sevini of Marthoma Sevika Sangam and died in 1986.

2. Varied- Varied worked as an evangelist in addition to looking after family affairs. He had stayed in Bangalore in connection with Arecanut business. He was an outstanding business man. He was instrumental in discovering remedy for a fungus which attacked Aricanut called Mahali. He also conducted classes to farmers on the remedial measures to be taken to irradicate “Mahali”. He was an expert in translating Tamil Speeches of Evanglists. Varied died at the age of 45. His wife was Marium daughter of Vellara Thanikkal Varied Anjoor. Varied has three sons. Kurien (Chennai), Varathappen (Chalissery) and Ittoop ( Chennai) and two daughters Ittiannam ( Trichur) and Mary (Chennai).

3. Mathai – Mathai was the first to get College education from Chalissery. He was working in Registeration depertment . He retired on 1940 from the government service and died at the age of 73 on 03-12-1958. His wife Kunjani was daughter of Panakkal Cherukutti, Kunnamkulam. Her father’s brother was Rev. Panakkal Joseph. She died at the age of 80 on 12-09-1976. Mathai was instrumental in getting the Marthoma Church of Chalissey constructed at the present place. When objections were raised by the people of other religions, because of the deep knowledge he had in English, he could convince the Government officials who had come to conduct enquiry, on the need for constructing church at the present premises. He was also an expert in translating English speeches of foreign Christian missionaries. He had two sons and four daughters. They were, Kurien, Cherukutty (Trissur), Chinnama (Ernakulam), Kunjama ( Trissur), Esther (Kozhikode) and Susanna( Trissur). His son Kurien was working as SGT in Indian Air Force and lost his eye sight due to Bombing on 22nd Nov 1952 at Pulgavone in M.P . Even with out eye sight, he served his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ till his death on 23rd Sep 1982.

4. Thavukutty – Thavukutty spent long years in Banhalore in connection with Arecanut business. He was an expert business man. His wife was Annamma daughter of Vazhapally Paulose, Cherai (Chakkarakadavu). He had 8 children. P.T. Chacko (Ernakulam), Varu (Chalissery), Paulose (Perumbavoor), Kuriachen (Ernakulam), Kochu varky( Ernakulam) , Kunjani (Perumbavoor), kunjeetty ( Kunnamkulam), and Thandu (Trippunithura).

5. Kurian –Kurian was an Agriculture Inspector in Govt. Service and worked in different parts of the then Kochi state. He was instrumental in commencing a mission field in Palakkad by the Marthome Church. His wife Eliamma, daughter of Kovoor Thomas, Thiruvalla. He had 10 children. Pappachen (V.K Puthoor, Trivandrum), Thomas(Trissur), Johnny( Trissur), Unniappen (Trissur), Chakochen (Kottayam) , Thankamma (Bangalore), Baby ( Ernakulam), Kunjamma (Bangalore) Ammini (Kozhikode) and Lilly (Trissur).

6. Pathrose –He was engaged in both Agriculture and Business. He has stayed in Bangalore in long in connection with Arecanut Business. He was also working as an evangelist especially among non- Christians. He had special ability to convince others that Jesus Christ was the only Lord and Saviour. He used to visit those who are sick and help them. He was also a good orator. He had memorized each and every word of the Bible. He was a great evangelist of the Puthoor family. His wife was Mariamma daughter of madatheth Abraham Upadesy, Ayiroor. Pathrose had 8 children. Kurian (Trissur), Abraham (Trissur), Thavukutty ( Trissur) Baby (Perumbavoor) , Thomas( Alwaye), Thampy ( Nilambur), Chinnama (Trissur), and Ruth ( Trissur).
Kurian’s daughters were Kunjeety and Kunjelachar. Kunjeetty had one daughter Kunjama and they were settled in Chovvanoor near Kunnamkulam.
Kunjalacher had 2 sons and 3 daughters. Sons were P.T. Kuriappen (Chalissery), and P.T. varathappen (Koonoor). Daughters were Kunjaram, Mannanda and Annamma,
Kurian’s brother Thavu had only one son called cheriya Varied. He died at the age of 44. His wife Kunjaram was daughter of Vellara Thanikkal Varied, Anjoor. Cheriya Varied had 4 children , George (Bangalore) , Kurian ( Bangalore), Annama ( Chalissery) and Thandu (Chalissery) . (To be continued…….)

[Adapted from the book let published by Mr P. M. Cherian ( Cherukutty) , Trissur]